Roman principles (2nd Punic War)

Printed set of Roman principles of 7 figures for the 2nd Punic War in 1/72 scale.
The expression “go for principle” has a rather ancient history. Principos were Roman legionnaires who were recruited from middle-aged Roman citizens who were able to provide themselves at their own expense with a complete set of weapons consisting of a helmet, chain mail, shield-sculptum, sword-gladius and several throwing spears-pilums.
In the line of battle they took a place behind the young legionnaires-gastatians. If they began to retreat under the onslaught of the enemy, serious men, fathers of families who, unlike the young gastatos, had something to lose, and they fought the enemy seriously, not thinking about retreating, stepped in. That’s how the Latin proverb “to go to the principle” appeared, meaning that the position would be defended to the end.
The set includes 7 figures in the most widespread in the epoch of wars with Hannibal helmets of montefortino type and chainmail, replacing muscular and linen armour of IV-beginning of III century B.C. Three figures are ready to throw their own pylons at the enemy, and four of them have already prepared their swords for hand-to-hand fight. They nicely complement a commercially available set of Republican Roman infantry by Star, in which the principles wear muscular cuirasses that do not fit the era.